Cadence Events Limited

Revised 1st March 2015


You/Your – The Participant

We/Us – Cadence Events Limited (CEL)

You must read through and accept the Disclaimer for the events organised by CEL. If you do not agree, you may not enter the event.


You accept that you are reasonably fit and in good health for any CEL event that you enter. You enter only those events that you are within your own limits, or expect to be in your own limits after training. CEL or any of its Directors or venue owners will not be held responsible for any injury, illness, or damage to you or your property during any event.

You accept that you will only enter events that you consider yourself sufficiently skilled and experienced for (e.g. open water swimming events will require you to have trained in open water). If it is considered you are putting yourself or others in danger then you will be removed from the event.

You also agree that any off road event will require substantially more fitness and skills to participate. You will be required to wear a cycle helmet for any events involving a bicycle and you may wear any other suitable protection that you deem necessary. Any equipment used or worn must be in good working order.

During any open water or pool-based swimming event, there will be appropriate water cover and event marshals where deemed the ‘most’ hazardous places.

If for any reason CEL work outside of the guidelines set by the National Governing Body, there will be more than appropriate cover for these changes. In terms of water cover, the ratios will be increased. The guidelines set are for guidance but not necessarily set in stone.

Any changes made are welcomed to be questioned, however we will make correspondence via email prior to the event. If you are not happy with the distances or guidelines in which we run the event under, you should not agree to this disclaimer.