Cadence Events Limited

Last updated May 2018

Terms and Conditions

You/Your – The Participant

We/Us – Cadence Events 

You must read through and accept these Terms and Conditions for any Cadence Event you enter. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, you will not be permitted to enter the event.


Data Protection

By registering you are agreeing to Cadence Events collecting, storing and processing your data for the event. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details about how we handle your data.

Withdrawal Policy

As soon as we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs. Your event entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event.

The process of organising an event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense so our withdrawal policy reflects this.

Refunds will be issued after the event and as follows:

Notification dated 8 weeks (61 days) or more before the event: You will receive a 50% refund.

Notification dated 4 to 8 weeks (30 to 60 days) before the event: You will receive a 20% refund

Notification dated less than 4 weeks (29 days) before the event: You receive 0% refund.

Due to the nature of sports events we are unable to make exceptions for injuries or pregnancy.

Event withdrawals must be made in writing to and must quote your name and the event you are withdrawing from.

Any refund will not include any transaction charges applied via PayPal, only the event price paid on entry.

Transaction Charge

To ensure we can keep the cost of the event affordable to you and viable for us, there will be an applied transaction fee added to the overall cost of your events. This will be approximately 6%.

Event Registration

You must answer all event registration questions honestly otherwise your insurance will be void.

Registration will be available via the Cadence Events website. It is your responsibility to enter your email address correctly and ensure your spam filters are set to receive emails from Cadence Events. Any Participant who does not receive emailed event information will be able to refer to the Cadence Events website.

Entries are non-transferable.

Cadence Events reserve the right to cancel your participation in the event if any information provided by you is found to be inaccurate in any way. In this case you will be refunded your entry fee minus 20% administration costs

If any details provided by you change after entering on of our events, you must notify Cadence Events immediately in writing by emailing to

Event Registering

When registering for an event on the day, you must have photographic identification to confirm your identity. If you cannot produce this, you may not be able to participate.

If you have entered an event as an affiliate to BTF or British Cycling, you must produce a valid Licence at registration on the day, if you are unable to do this, you must purchase a Day License at the event. If you cannot produce a valid membership, you will not be covered for the event, meaning you will not be able to participate. Cadence Events will not refund you for any additional Day Licenses, which you have purchased.

Rules and Regulations

Each event will have its own rules and regulations set out by Cadence Events. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood all the rules and regulations as per event. Any event that takes place on the public highway will follow the rules of the Highway Code. Any other event specific rules can be obtained from the British Triathlon Federation, UK Athletics and British Cycling. For third party events, you agree to their rules and regulations.

Personal Audio Devices

Any competitor found to be using a personal audio device such as an MP3 player or iPod during a race will be disqualified from the event and their details removed from the results. This rule is implemented for your safety during the event and you will not be protected under our insurance, or your insurance should there be an incident involving yourself whilst in possession of these devices.


Individual Governing Bodies dictate the minimum participant age for an event. By signing up for the event, you are declaring yourself to be at least the minimum age required for the event. There is no upper age limit for any given event unless specified.

Valid Insurance

For any event you participate in you must hold valid insurance. This may be from your membership with British Triathlon or UK Athletics. If you are registering as a member of one of these bodies you should chose the ‘affiliated’ entry option for an event, and you must provide your registration number during the entry process. If you are not a member then you must chose the ‘unaffiliated’ entry option for an event. This will carry an additional surcharge to cover the cost of your day insurance. Not all our events will be affiliated, however we will grant the affiliated body discount. Our public liability insurance will cover your race on the day.

Participant Identification

For each event you will be required to wear identification numbers, these may be colour-coded for multiple events happening on the same day. The identification numbers are to provide a visual back up for any event marshal or any member of the public to distinguish between competitors. Where an event requires the use of a bicycle, then you will be required to have identification numbers for you, your bicycle and your helmet minimum. All identification numbers or tags must be worn at all times during the event and must not be modified in any way.

Start Times and Alterations

Provisional start times will be published with the event information at least 7 days before the event. If a high number of entries come in during the last 7 days, the start times may be subject to change. These will be published to Cadence Events website accordingly on the relevant event page.

Event Format and Alterations

Course maps and information will be provided at least 7 days prior to the event on the relevant event page on Cadence Events website. This will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the course and make yourself aware of the direction and format of the event. Events held on private land may not facilitate the opportunity to view the course prior to race day.  Any alterations to the course or format of the event will be made with as much notice as possible. All alterations will be made available on the Cadence Events website and provided in the event briefing.

Cut Off Times

Some events may require a cut off time; this will be due to your health and safety or due to restriction on the course for any number of reasons. If any event requires a cut off time, this will be made available in the event information and during the event briefing.

Removal of Participants

You must show respect and courtesy towards other participants and spectators. If you behave in a manner which, in the opinion of Cadence Events presents a risk to the safety of any other participant, spectators or anyone else in attendance at the event this may result in you being disqualified from the event and removed from the venue.

You may also be removed from the event for breaching the rules and regulations, or for displaying poor sportsmanship.


Lost or Unreturned Timing Chips

If you  fail to return your chip timing tag at the finish of an event, you agree to pay a sum of £80 on being invoiced.

If you fail to return your timing chip and you take it home with you, it is your responsibility to return it to Cadence Events at your expense. Failure to return it within 7 days of the event will result in you being invoiced.


You agree to photographs and video being taken at the event and that any images of you may be used by Cadence Events in any media regarding the event and to market and advertise the event, or any other similar events


We will advertise all sponsors of our events either through the website, Social Media or on the event information pages. Third party companies who are part of the event will have agreement with Cadence Events to promote themselves. Other companies who are not actively part of the event will not be allowed to advertise or promote themselves actively in the event registration of each event unless prior agreement has been granted by Cadence Events.

Event Arrangements

At every event we will ensure the provision of toilet facilities, as well as catering and retail where possible. If for any reason at short notice we cannot provide a service that we have said we would, we will do our best to replace it like-for-like. If we are unsuccessful in doing this, no monies will be refunded to you.


Any equipment used during a Cadence Events race must be legal for the event and fit for purpose. For events involving bicycles the Participant is responsible for ensuring their bicycle is in good working order.

Lost Property/Damage to Property

You are responsible for the safe keeping of your own personal possessions and those of any spectators you may bring to the event. Personal possessions left unattended at the venue in any facilities provided or otherwise are left entirely at your own risk

Cadence Events, managed venues or landowners will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged property during an event. Cadence Events will hold any lost property for one week after the event. Should you wish to have it posted back to you then fees will be agreed to cover the cost of postage. Any damaged property found will be disposed of.


All Participants have a responsibility to look after the environment. You will not be seen to throw empty gel packets or any other litter on the course. These must be kept hold of until you reach transition (if applicable) or the finish line. Bins will be provided after any drinks station and you must make a conscious effort to place the cup/bottle in the bin. Any Participant seen or reported as littering during a Cadence Events race will be immediately disqualified.

First Aid

Appropriate first aid arrangements will be made for each event. Should another Participant need first aid on the course, you must make the next available marshal aware giving as precise location as possible. Should you need first aid and you are able to move, you must attempt to reach the nearest event marshal. Should another Participant need urgent medical help, it is your duty to stop and assist with life threatening injuries or illness. No allowances will be made on your race time, however Cadence Events will seek to provide you with an alternative event.

Adverse Weather Measures

If for any reason the course or event has to be modified due to adverse weather conditions. A warning for forecast weather and proposed changes to the event will be posted on the Cadence Events website at the earliest possible opportunity. Adverse weather includes but is not exhaustive: Heat, Cold, Wind, Flooding, Snow and Ice.

Event Delay/Cancellations

No refunds will be given, how ever we understand that circumstances can change and we are happy to accommodate transfers of race numbers to another participant, but this would need to be done no less than 3 days before the date of the events and cadence-events race directors need to be informed.

If an event has to be postponed for any reason, Cadence Events will endeavor to arrange an alternative event/date, and you will be notified of the new date and venue of the rearranged event. These terms and conditions will continue to apply to the rearranged event. No refund will be given if you do not wish to participate in the rearranged event. Cadence-events hold no responsibility for any transport, accommodation fees or any other expenses related to the event.

Cancellations can be for reasons out of our control, these can include adverse weather conditions, government guidelines for mass participation events and any other reasons that would put the participant at risk or invalid cadence-events race licenses and insurance.

If an event has to be cancelled no refunds will be given due to substantial expenses being paid up front, we will however deduct all of our expenses and donate a fee to a local charity.

Timing Results

Any issues relating to the timing or results of the event should be raised within 7 days of the event. We are unable to process any changes after this time. Issues raised will be cross-referenced and sorted out to the best of our ability.


Referees have input to the Event Directors, who have the final decision. Any appeals must follow the appropriate appeals process on the day.

Race Marshals

Marshals are an integral part of our events and in most cases they are volunteers who are giving up their time for your safety and enjoyment. So please be nice to them, and thank them whenever you can.

Any abuse of the marshals or any other officials will result in an instant disqualification from the event, and potentially result in you being banned from participating in any other events organised by Cadence Events.

You are responsible for knowing the course you are using. The marshals are there for your safety and although all will do their best to help you, you must not rely on them for course directions at any time.

Event Entry Cut Off

Online information will be published no later than 7 days prior to the event and (where applicable) all current entries will be allocated into waves according to request, or as set out by the event.

Online entry will close for most events on the Wednesday prior to the event. Any entries taken between this initial sort and closing of entries will be included into the event where it is convenient, and in most cases will be the last wave of the race.

Some events may have the option for day entries; this will be published on the individual event pages once online entries have closed.

There will be no option to swap race start times after online entries have closed, This must be requested immediately after the race start lists have been published.

Child Athletes & Participants

Any children taking part in our events can only enter with parental consent. This consent is provided when the entry has been confirmed, as it is assumed that a parent or guardian has approved payment for the event. Children will be set distances according to their age and guidelines.

During our coaching days, a parent or guardian will have to complete a participation form for the activities being undertaken. During any event or coaching day, should your child require medical attention this will be provided by a designated First Aider. We will call for your attention as soon as possible, however a child will never be left in a one-on-one basis, there will always be a third person present.

Any welfare issues or questions can be referred to Triathlon England and there is an online document available here.

If you need assistance in reading and understanding these terms and conditions please contact Cadence Events on 07552 215050